Cracker Jamboree

Prep Time

10 minutes

Prep Notes

Take out your favorite platter, small bowls and cheese knives.

Cooking Time



many nibbles


your favorite assortment of crackers

homemade or store bought jam

grainy mustard

a few different types of cheese (I like to go with a soft, hard and crumbly cheese- ie: St. Andre, Sharp Cheddar and Blue Stilton)

a couple types of meat (ie: soppressata and prosciutto)

optional: pistachios and dried cranberries


1. Assemble the crackers on a tray

2. Put the jam and mustard in tiny bowls

3. Place the cheese on a platter with a separate cheese knife for each

4. Add meat to the tray

5. Adding pistachios or dried cranberries adds beautiful color for the holidays


A cracker jamboree is definitely a crowd pleaser.